Rough Road Raindrop

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Re: Rough Road Raindrop

Postby Louisd75 » Wed Mar 06, 2019 11:56 am

S. Heisley wrote::thinking: I'm wondering if you've got a bad regulator or if there is a blockage somewhere in the line.

Oh! Also, if the propane gets too cold, it can cause problems. Don't know if it gets cold enough in Washington state; but, it might....

I did find a little blockage where the hose was connected. The rest of the tubing didn't show any blockages when I blew it out prior to making the final connections. It was just strange that it worked in the driveway but then not in the wild. We do get down into the teens a few times a year, but on that trip it didn't get below freezing outside. I've test run it a couple of times now, just firing it up in the morning til it cycles off. So far it seems to be starting first time every time, so I'm going to call this one fixed. Well, until it isn't fixed anymore :thumbsup:

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