Kit Profile Build

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Kit Profile Build

Postby powelly78 » Wed May 08, 2019 2:41 am

Hi all,

Long time trawler, first time builder! I cut a template out from a Kit profile I ordered online.

I"m using pre made doors though, and I want to get the template right before I use a flush trim router to cut the pattern onto the good plywood.

So, I'm really not happy with my first cut out on the door especially on the corners( I used a jigsaw ) , and a really glad I am doing some testing templates on the crap plywood.

Does anyone have any tips on cutting the corners for the door cut out? the corner of these doors is actually a little proud of the straight area - when they bent the curves in the factory it pushed the curve out a little proud

And since these doors don't have an internal trim ring to hide any of my unscrupulous work........Id like to get it right.

I'm thinking of a tracksaw or circular saw with guide rail, for the straights, and maybe a router with a circle jig? ( cutting out the circles before the straights obviously )

Any advice greatly appreciated.

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Re: Kit Profile Build

Postby KCStudly » Wed May 29, 2019 12:09 pm

I wouldn't try to get the cuts perfect. I would just plan on making a trim ring to hide any inevitable gaps.

Good carpenters will generally use a shadow line effect, making trim that is straight and overlapping, not perfectly butting, forming a shadow line in addition to the edge of the trim. This has the effect of showing the eye a straight edge or line, while creating additional interest and hiding any imperfections in the shadow line. Windows and doors go into rough openings. Trim overlaps wall and jamb with a reveal. Celebrate the lack of precision by misdirection (i.e. trim).

I have used this or similar techniques on my build many times. When you get a mar or defect on one side of the cabin, don't try to blend or hide it... you will rarely ever be satisfied by the result. Add a feature that contrasts and hides the boo-boo, and add it to the other side, too, so it looks like it was supposed to be there all along.

Kind of like using a Dutchman or butterfly splice in a cracked table top. It becomes a "decorative feature", no longer just a patch.

I don't claim to be an expert, but you know what they say, "the difference between amateurs and experts is how well they hide their mistakes." :lol:
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Re: Kit Profile Build

Postby powelly78 » Mon Jun 03, 2019 8:21 am


Progress at last!!!! I spent some time getting the profile just right! and now its starting to take shape!!
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