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Re: My '68 Sprite 400 Canned Ham

PostPosted: Mon Mar 02, 2015 11:51 pm
by TheresaD
That one looks to be an early 70's model. Unfortunately it's tough getting a lot of original parts for Sprites here in the US because there aren't a lot of them around. They were only produced in the U.S. for a short period of time. You'd probably do best getting some sheet aluminum and have a shop reproduce the brake pattern from the original for the skins. Check around at some local sheet metal shops or places that do tractor trailer repair work. You might have an easier time finding the aluminum that way. Are you on Facebook. If you are there's a great page dedicated solely to Classic Sprite Caravans. The young man that runs the page is extremely knowledgeable about these trailers and can often provide lots of info on them. He's in the U.K. This is the page in case you're on facebook.

Re: 1970 Sprite 400 Rebuild

PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2015 7:28 pm
by Happy Altoid

Hello to all the Sprite people out there. This is my first time on this forum and not sure what's right or wrong.

I purchased a 1970? Sprite 400 last fall 2014. It was purchased in 1990 by some people who wanted to use it as a play house for their troubled grandson so they parked it under a huge white pine and that's where it sat for 24 years. I purchased it for $100.00 and had to totally gut the thing due to mouse infestation. I have rebuilt the framed walls, insulated then with some 1/4" rigid fiberglass insulation then started on the suspension and braking system. Everything was so rusted and I've gone through so much penetrating oil, rust penetrator and even tried Coco-Cola (which does works by the way). What a fiasco it's been trying to find information on the parts let alone finding the parts. I ended up discovering that the wishbone system, shocks, and brake shoes were from a 68-73 Triumph GT6 and/or Spitfire. I then ordered the shocks and brake shoes from a company in New Brunswick and it all seems good. But before I start on the floor and interior I am trying to make sure the hitch works properly... It's rusted so bad I had to take it to a machine shop and have them press the moving piston out. I now am in search of the short shock which goes underneath the hitch which I assume helps to buffer any sudden forward motion which would lock up the brakes. Would anybody have an idea of where I can get one or tell me a good replacement shock to buy? And would anybody have a diagram/illustration or operating instructions for he hitch. I guess it also takes a 50mm ball and I'm going to have to have one of those as well. Do I need to go to England for that. I'm also in need of window trim and window seals. Any suggestions?

Re: My '68 Sprite 400 Canned Ham

PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2015 7:43 pm
by TheresaD
Hi Happy. Sounds very familiar. I ended up removing the original coupler assembly on my 400 because it was completely seized up And had a new standard coupler for a 2" ball welded on. I also disconnected that brake system. Since I tow the Sprite with my pick up and its so light I don't have any issues with braking. If I was towing it with a smaller car like they do back in England I would have put brakes on. If you plan to keep the same type of style you're probably going to have to check with Canadian or European rv parts places. Sprite parts are pretty difficult to get here in the states. I too am going to need to get new window seals. I haven't done a thorough search as of yet but I'll let you know if I find ones that are compatible.
As to the diagrams.. I'll have to check. I might have those. I have the original manual for mine as well as some info I got from someone in the UK.

Re: My '68 Sprite 400 Canned Ham

PostPosted: Tue Jun 16, 2015 7:51 pm
by Happy Altoid
Thanks Theresa,

I really debated whether to continue with the braking system or not but I wanted to keep it as original as possible. And yes I may have to go to Canada for the hitch ball. There has got to be some window seal out there that will work. All the glass shops around here say they can't find anything for me. Very frustrating. I will continue to search and let you know if I find anything.


Re: My '68 Sprite 400 Canned Ham

PostPosted: Fri Jun 26, 2015 12:15 pm
by rebapuck
This doesn't help, but my first car was a red 1969 GT6. Loved that car.