Canned Ham tow weight

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Canned Ham tow weight

Postby smit0577 » Fri Jun 23, 2017 2:32 pm


I've spent a lot of fun time daydreaming and surfing the forum about building a teardrop, but lo and behold an opportunity came up that I need to ask you all about. I just saw a cute little canned ham vintage travel trailer posted on craigslist and I want to know if my Subaru wagon could tow it. The current owner doesn't know the weight but reports towing it with a Jeep Liberty. It is about an hour's drive away, so I can't very easily just go check it out for fun.

The only info in the ad is:

1964 Arrow travel trailer

1964 Vintage Camper selling as is. Everything in working condition to my knowledge.
2 owners.
Interior needs some TLC
More pictures coming soon of interior.

So, what will it take to tow this thing? I didn't want to post a link to the ad in case that is a breach of protocol.


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Re: Canned Ham tow weight

Postby TheOtherSean » Wed Jun 28, 2017 9:49 pm

Just going from memory, I've seen ads for short trailers (e.g. 13 foot) of that vintage in the 1200-1600 pound range, and those a few feet longer (e.g. 16') in the 1800-2200 pound range. No guarantees, though. You might inquire as to how long the trailer is to get a better idea.
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