Polycrylic and canvas?

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Polycrylic and canvas?

Postby stepcut » Mon Mar 19, 2018 11:58 am

Has anyone tried using polycrylic instead of wood glue? I know the RC crowd has been experimenting with polycrylic and fiberglass.


In that use case, polycrylic is cheaper, lighter, and easier to work with than epoxy. But not as strong or puncture resistant. Though, for 50% the weight you still get 60% the strength.

A gallon of polycrylic is around $50/gallon. So it is definitely more expensive than glue+paint.

In my case, I am building a foamie boat and wondering if polycrylic might be a good choice for the parts of the boat that will be below the waterline.

Anyone have thoughts or experience? I searched for polycrylic but did not get any hits.
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Re: Polycrylic and canvas?

Postby Pmullen503 » Mon Mar 19, 2018 12:35 pm

For a boat I'd use epoxy.

Unless this is just a test and longevity is less important than initial cost. I'd use TB2 or 3 and lots of paint with canvas. Canvas will soak up a lot of poly. Poly will be easier to work with with fiberglass cloth.

I'm one of those RC guys that uses Poly and lightweight glass over foam.
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