Couple of foamie question ... please post links/pictures

Canvas covered foamies (Thrifty Alternatives...)

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Couple of foamie question ... please post links/pictures

Postby theoldwizard1 » Fri Jun 08, 2018 8:13 am

I am new to this whole DIY TTT and especially foamies ! Fascinating and very low cost !! I am very "visually" oriented so pictures help a lot !

  • Perhaps I missed it, but is there a "best practices" thread ?
  • Does anyone bother using the the "heavy duty" foam board like Formular 250 instead of the 150 ?
  • Mass produced TT have issues with leaks especially at the roof to wall joint. What techniques do you use to insure a good bond/seal ?
  • Similar question regarding attaching the walls to the floor.
  • Do you just make a small channel in the foam before the interior is applied to route wires ?
  • Please provide some links for suppliers of exterior canvas and interior wall covering.
  • What is the preferred finish coating ?

Has anyone "scaled up" a foamie to say 16+' ? Clearly you need some wall framing it just to hold interior cabinetry. A "walkable" roof is a another big step !
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Re: Couple of foamie question ... please post links/pictures

Postby pchast » Fri Jun 08, 2018 9:11 pm

First....... Welcome. :lol:

leaks are less of an issue because we are wrapping everything in
exterior painted canvas.

I used more wood than I feel I really needed now that its completed
and had some use. I have no interest in a 'walkable roof'. Mine has
stood up to almost a foot of snow for me so far.
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Re: Couple of foamie question ... please post links/pictures

Postby GPW » Sun Jun 10, 2018 6:14 am

Wiz , you know , we’ve been working on that best practices idea for a long time now , just that everyone wants something different, and then it all gets complicated … So we’ve concentrated on Learning How best to build for our particular situation .. Using things we can find ( and afford) in our area . Some things become obvious … Wood rots , Foam don’t … It’s not going to blow up on the highway … and good building practices (and neatness) still count . Best make a plan to follow .. and even better to simulate a mock up of the area you want and sit in it (with all your stuff) for a while to determine if that indeed is what you want .. Like “camping in place “ …

Everything else has been discussed here already , a Lot , and most here are ready and willing to discuss it again , so be specific and you’ll get some specific responses… Otherwise , you’ll have to speed read "the Big thread" , become a Foamling … :o

May the Foam be with you !!! 8)
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Re: Couple of foamie question ... please post links/pictures

Postby rowerwet » Fri Jun 15, 2018 7:06 am

I built a couple foam kayaks before building my teardrop so that I would be used to thinking and working with foam, before I built my big foamie.
I recommend doing the same to anyone else. (Google "sawfish kayak" )

There are good ideas, but everyone ends up doing it their own way. The amazing part being that there really isn't a wrong way (as long as you take precautions against foam eating ants, anyway ) :lol:

Personally I edge glue 2" foam to the top of the floor for my wall/floor joint.
I drive small nails up through the plywood first, using the exposed ends to pin the foam in place for glueing.
To make the joint strong, I jack the finished tear up off the trailer frame, block it up on boards, then wrap the wall skins down under the floor about a foot.
This extra edge is fully glued, and it locKS the wall to the floor in compression.
Any mechanical fastening into foam will fail under tension, as foam is strong when pressed, but weak when pulled.
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