Getting this Foamie off the ground

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Re: Getting this Foamie off the ground

Postby jimbo69ny » Fri Nov 29, 2019 8:27 pm

If anyone anyone is interested in going with a fiberglass foamie build here are my videos about how I built mine. ... e98uv4rsCT
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Re: Getting this Foamie off the ground

Postby tem3000 » Sat Nov 30, 2019 7:27 am

Hi Jim, I've been following some of your videos as they've popped up on my YouTube feed. Really great stuff. Glad to have that link to the whole thread. T-Rex 2 is probably closest to what I've been planning. Thanks for all the experience you've been sharing. I'd love to pick your brain about some stuff, but I'll ping you offline.
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Re: Getting this Foamie off the ground

Postby rjgimp » Sat Nov 30, 2019 4:39 pm

I am in the planning stages of a foamy build on an old tent trailer frame. Mine is a 1968 Steury and the frame is 7' x 14'. I intend to go wider (and longer) and am undecided how much but as others have indicated, 8'6" would be foolhardy for several reasons. I am leaning towards 8' and the concept of overhanging the frame 6" on each side doesn't worry me a bit. Adding length concerns me a bit more mostly because doing so would mess with the tongue weight ratio and I don't much feel like relocating the axle. I want to add full water and electric and I think keeping all the tanks and battery forward of the axle will help balance things out. :twisted:

I had been lurking and reading build journals for several months last year before I joined and one in particular fascinated me. It was a guy building an enormous foamy in (I think) the Vancouver area. He was building considerably wider than the frame (as much as a foot on each side) and going for a profile resembling a sausage more than a box so he was cutting lots of kerfs in order to bend the foam panels, even at the bottom of the walls. I'll see if I can find it or maybe my description will jar someone else's memory. :thinking:

Good luck with your project. I'll stay tuned for updates! Don't forget the :pictures: :pictures: :pictures:

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