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Is it OK to Disrespect our Hero's?

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The Commander and Chief owes them nothing
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Postby caseydog » Wed Mar 11, 2009 10:42 am

greg755 wrote:Mark,

I should have asked the poll question a little different.

It should have asked.

Is it ok for the Commander and Chief to Ignore a ball celebrating Medal of Honor Recipients?

I doubt that either way I put it, the question would have gotten different poll results, but I can see how the first question, would make someone un easy to say publicly "yes"....

Yes, it would have made a difference. Perhaps, depending on the answer choices, I could have responded to the poll. As it was written, I could not, because every option supports your claim that Obama missing the medal ball was an act of disrespect.

The American Legion does not feel "snubbed," as these to news releases from them state...

Original statement from American Legion National Adjutant Dan Wheeler: The American Legion, as it has on every inauguration evening since 1953, hosted the Salute to Heroes Inaugural Banquet & Ball on January 20th . The quadrennial event is co-sponsored by fourteen veterans service and military service organizations and honors recipients of the Medal of Honor. Forty-seven of these heroes attended this year’s event. President Obama was invited but did not attend. Vice-President Joe Biden did appear, however, and was very warmly received. From The American Legion’s point of view, the new President’s absence was understandable considering the unprecedented logistical challenges presented by the vastly increased number of visitors to this inauguration and the necessary attendant security measures. The National Adjutant of The American Legion states that, as an organization, The Legion does not feel offended or “snubbed” by the President’s failure to appear.

Second statement from Mr. Wheeler, Jan. 26, 2009: We extended an invitation as we always do. There are numerous Balls and we know he can’t attend them all. Of course, we would have loved for him to make an appearance, but he didn’t. It’s a logistical nightmare. He did meet with the troops at the Commander In Chief’s Ball, and we are grateful for that. Our Ball wasn’t about the President; it was about the Medal of Honor recipients and the veterans and families who were there. We are grateful that the Vice President appeared, and our guests were very appreciative.

That having been said, there are much more important issues to dwell on, which we intend to do. We look forward to working with the new administration on ensuring full and guaranteed funding for VA health care services, and the very best treatment for our service people who have been wounded, and on the quality of life of all members of the Armed Forces and their families, as well as the maintenance of a national security force that will deter any enemy from considering an attack on America.

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Postby Miriam C. » Wed Mar 11, 2009 10:53 am

:applause: :thumbsup: Thanks CD. And on that note I think I will lock this one.
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