Do you Remember your First Camping trip and what year was it

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Postby Alfred » Fri Sep 11, 2009 11:14 am

JayM wrote:Al, if you ever camped in the campground at the Florida Folk Festival in White Springs we probably passed each other at some point. My wife has been a participant there since 1971, and we have camped most years since we got married in 1974.


Hey Jay,

I'm sure we have. My Wife used to be a member of a group named "Myriad", who performed at White Springs several times. My Wife and I had a duo named "Aurora's Calling". Is your Wife a musician for folk art participant?

AL in Asheville :thumbsup:
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Also - More pictures here:
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Postby JayM » Fri Sep 11, 2009 11:49 am


I remember Myriad. Good Stuff. I don't remember Aurora's Calling, but there is always so much going on it's hard to catch everyone. My wife is in the Makley Family, and they do nice harmonies and yodeling. She has also started doing tie-dye clothing since Mark Wright, the old tie-dye guy, passed away a couple of years ago.

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Postby len19070 » Thu Sep 24, 2009 5:06 pm

I've been holding off on this thread while looking for an old Camping photo.

But hey, Dad wasn't noted for his photography.

My first camping trip was in the Spring of 1952.

I was 9-10 months old and don't remember a lot from that trip.

My family was and still are avid Campers...Campers, Not RV'ers..we never owned a trailer, always a tent when Mom was with us.

But most of the time when the boys all went out Dad never even brought a tent. No stove, chairs, table we slept on the ground, no nothing.....we did have a lantern.

Even now when the boys go out my brother and I have trailers but Dad still sleeps outside by the fire...only now at 88 years old, he brings a cot.

Happy Trails

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Postby 2bits » Wed Sep 30, 2009 11:15 pm

Umm well here goes... it was about 5 years ago... first time ever. I've only been camping 4 times in my life including my first Teardrop gathering two weeks ago. I knew I loved it, just was always doing something else, living the city life, living by myself and didn't have the money to shell out for all the gear that camping takes, not to mention I hate setting up a tent (and couldn't afford an RV).

The first time was with my girlfriend who had all the gear, and it was raining all day and I was certain we weren't going to go, but she really wanted to "try" and she was so innocent and sweet I couldn't say no so we drove to Caddo Lake through the pouring rain and as soon as we pulled in, the rain stopped long enough for us to set up camp, and crawl in and then it rained all night. The next day when we woke up it stopped raining all day. It was the weirdest thing.


The next two times I camped I slept out in the open in my friend's hammock. Now here I am at a happy medium with the teardrop, and I don't mind setting up camp at all anymore!
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Postby goramsey » Fri Apr 02, 2010 7:08 pm

I don't think I would call it a camping trip. I camped out by myself in my grandfathers orange grove. I had a small tent. I asked if I could take one of grandpa's dogs with me to keep me company. I got into the sleeping bag and started to go to sleep and the damn god bailed out on me. Left me there by myself. That was pretty frighting for a little 7 year old. That is about all I remember. Still thought it was pretty cool.
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Postby parnold » Fri Apr 02, 2010 7:55 pm

I was blessed being born into a camping family.

Here's probably my first camping trip, Cape Cod Massachusetts, circa 1959.


This was our tv..


The first trip I really remember much of, was in 1965, my dad closed his television store for an entire month, and we drove cross county. Seven of us packed into a station wagon..


I have in turn taken my sons on numerous camping trips, including Wisconsin, Shenedoah National Park, Lake George, Promised Land, PA, and several closer trips.
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Postby bobhenry » Sat Apr 03, 2010 1:19 am

While I gained my experience in Boy Scouts on dozens of camp-o-rees I hesitate to call that a family camping outing. While the folks took afternoon picnics we never camped out.

I have to confess my very 1st family camping experience was the 08 shivaree with the wife and 4 other brave souls. At the tender young age of 57 I finally went family camping, in an until then, untested teardrop camper :lol:

Yep that was the -15 windchill night.


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Postby Rlowell » Mon May 10, 2010 7:54 am

First camping trip was around 1958/59 with the scouts in Salt lake city. I was not ten yet. I remember Mom bought me a used "mummy" sleeping and a camping shovel from the army surplus store and I was on my way to a life time of camping. I now take my teenager and friends to Fort Desoto , near st. Petersburg, Fl. for beach camping and they love it. My TTT will have a/c when done.(just waiting to be installed.) We have always tent camped, the bigger the tent the better...that is about to change.
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Postby legojenn » Mon May 10, 2010 8:38 am

My thinking that it was 1974 and I was 4. My mom, maternal grandparents and I went to Florida in my uncle's truck camper. My brother was born in 1973. I'm sure he was with us, but I don't remember him on the trip.

It was also the first time that I recall being out of the country. My nan & mom rode in the cab and my grandfather and I rode in the camper. I don't remember having any fun. I got lost at Disney World and cried in the 'It's a Small World Ride'. I was afraid of bugs that came out of the and on the beach and developed an RC Cola addiction. I looked happy in photos, so I mus

A year later, my parents bought a 20 foot Prowler, and we spent most summer weekends for the next decade camping along the St-Lawrence River in the Morrisburg, ON and Cape-Vincent/Clayton NY areas.
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Postby Shadow Catcher » Mon May 10, 2010 12:32 pm

I would guess about 1955 and in the Sierras some place. I remember the trees and lake (could have been Lassen) and the big old canvas tent. The Preway three burner stove and Coleman lantern from some time in the 30's. I ended up with them and our family used them till about ten years ago.
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Postby Stressbot » Fri May 28, 2010 1:00 am

For me it was between 1980 & 82 I think. We had a Lincoln Continental Mom & Dad either rented or borrowed a camper. I had fun, but it kind of got out of hand when my sister and her friends tried to swim across a white water river (don't do that, by the way). Then Dad got lost and hurt and they had to winch him out with a helicopter. Maybe that's why we always used hotels for vacation after that. :o
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Postby darnis » Fri May 28, 2010 2:49 pm

It would be hard to say the FIRST - grew up camping my whole life, and actually, lines blur between ‘camping’ and home. We’ve LIVED in a tent, a chicken coop (albeit cleaned & remodeled), even a bus (Dad removed most of the seats, built a bed across the rear for him & Mom with a ‘crib’ built in at their head for my baby brother. My other brothers slept in a fold down bed on one side and my sister & I on the other side-seven of us lived in the bus for quite some time, cooked outside, took baths in a washtub, caught fish in the pond down the road…)

The first I clearly remember was when we traveled/camped from CA to my grandparents in FL in the mid-50s (I was 9-10). No motels or restaurants for us…Mom & we kids slept in the station wagon - Dad would stretch out on the rooftop, or a picnic bench if we were in a park. We cleaned and played in creeks and rivers the whole way; caught crawdads for a real treat. Got to spend 2-3 days visiting grandparents then headed back. We loved it, thought we were the luckiest kids in the world. Though they’re both long-gone, I’m forever grateful to my folks for the experiences.

I’m just as grateful that I was blessed with a husband that loves the outdoors as much as I do and that we were able to give our children similar experiences. We’ve camped at every level (in our vehicle, on the ground without shelter, tents, cabins, campers, RVs) and in all seasons and most terrains.

We’re in the middle of some remodeling as well as beginning our first build, so unable to locate photos right now. If able, will post some later.

Btw, Wild Bill, this is a great thread. Love reading others’ experiences. :applause:

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Postby rxc463 » Fri May 28, 2010 4:28 pm

1967 Tupper Lake, N.Y with my aunt and uncle. My dad had passed away in December of 66. My mom sent me to spend the summer with relatives. It's where I learned about leeches. YUK! They slept in the scotty and I slept in a pup tent. Was a great experience. :lol:

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Postby Laredo » Fri May 28, 2010 5:45 pm


1967. summer between 1st & 2nd grade, on Grand Lake of the Cherokees, with my dad's brother and 3 of his 4 kids.

We stayed out overnight, except we thought it was a fishing trip. :D
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Postby canned o minimum » Mon Jun 21, 2010 12:12 am

Born and raised in O.O.B.,Maine in 56 and as soon as I turned 5 it was time to git a 30lb back pack on and go campin ! Have 8 siblings and all of us soon as we turned 5 were wearin packs and climbin mountains in New Hampshire.
HATED to see Boy Scouts in the mountains cause they MOSTLY were lead by idiots and packed WAY too much stuff and chopped down saplings fer firewood...
Never even had a tent, but were always comfortable in EVERY season, Spring,Summer,Fall,Winter. Most if them on Mt.Washington!
Absolutely the BEST times of my life ! Dad even taught us how to do rock climbing !You haven't lived till you HANG in a hammock on a sheer cliff !!
Now I have my teardrop and I'm single's time to CAMP !!!
I've camped in my driveway and all over the Southwest at VW s car shows. Going to another camp out in Wrightwood,Ca. next weekend.
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