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Postby OP827 » Mon Sep 05, 2016 12:37 pm

TimC wrote:I've tried Sketchup before, but :x It's a lack of patience! I wish somebody did personal Sketchup training in my kitchen on my computer...

Anyway, thanks for doing this. It will be a big help for folks trying different layouts. Me? I'm still in the build it and chuck it mode of learning curve :)

Tim, I had the same issue until recent time. You could try and check these tutorials out - and let me know if they helped. I personally learned from them quite good and can model many simple designs that do not involve professional functionality. I would recommend start watching from videos that show basic tools and functionality use and then see how actual models are built. Jay Bates, the website creator, had a formal training in CAD and it shows when he shows how to use Sketchup. I found his videos helped me much better than some random search results on youtube, which is sometimes waste of time. Good luck.
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