Needs trim ideas

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Needs trim ideas

Postby DaBearSox » Sun Jun 25, 2017 8:20 pm

So I am getting really close to finally being finished and getting out there my epoxy is almost cured and spar will go on next. My question is that since I am building a woody teardrop I have a few areas where the roof has met up and I want to cover with some sort of trim. The outside corners will be covered with flashing than normal rv insert trim. But on these cross joints I would like to cover with something.

My thought is that I have a roll of sheet aluminum to cover and be secured with glue however I have no way of clamping it down to lay flat over the corner. I have searched and search for flexible bendable seem Trim but can't seem to find anything. Any suggestions? See attached pictures. ImageImageImage

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Re: Needs trim ideas

Postby KCStudly » Thu Jun 29, 2017 2:22 pm

You could make a template of the angle and take your piece of stock to any sheet metal or HVAC fab shop. They can cut you a nice strip on their shear and bend it to your template on their pan brake. I'm sure the small fee they would charge would be less than the cost of extruded aluminum RV trim, even if you could find it in your custom angle. So you won't be able to use insert trim to cover the screw heads, but if you do a nice neat job spacing and installing truss or button head screws it will look good anyway.
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Re: Needs trim ideas

Postby Andrew Herrick » Thu Jul 06, 2017 1:01 am

I literally faced this problem on my last build. I second KC Studly's suggest to make friends with a fab shop or roofing contractor- basically anyone with a sheet metal brake. I couldn't find anyone who stocked extruded aluminum angle in angles other than 90 degrees. Not without a hefty set-up fee, anyway.

I wound up actually kerf cutting 2-inch strips of 0.063-inch diamond plate aluminum and using my impromptu homemade brake to bend the strips to the correct angle. But you can beat diamond plate with a mallet and it still looks brand new; can't do that with other aluminum. So, again, the brake wins :)

You could use small rubber washers under the truss head screws to help with waterproofing.
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