Help with sealing out the last of the leaks

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Help with sealing out the last of the leaks

Postby Evan Dunville » Tue Aug 15, 2017 10:11 am

I have taken my teardrop out for 2 trips and it currently lives outside on my parking pad exposed to the weather.

I have a few small areas that still have the potential to produce slight leaks.

-2 back corners where the framing and back of the trailer meet and water can potentially wick in from the floor.
-2 front corners with the same issue

I built frame and panel doors and in heavy rain water is able to go around the panel and leak inside.

I also want to add a gutter above each door frame. and angle the bottom of the door frame so any water that makes it that far will have a tendency to run back out.

These problems are all able to be fixed but I would not mind getting some opinions on how i plan to fix each.

The back corners and front corners I plan to seal using some kind of a silicone or similar product and i would greatly appreciate any suggestions to the product to choose. I want to fill the void so its water tight and i don't get contact between the wood and water.

for the doors i will add some small holes so water is able to drain away and not pool in the groove for the panels. I will also add some Lexel clear silicone on the inside to add to the protection. I also get some water wicking through the wood so adding finish to doors should help. I'm leaning towards something oil based that can be reapplied rather than a film finish.

I will be adding some pictures this evening to help show what i am referring to if its not clear.
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