Any ideas about renting a vehicle to tow my TD?

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Re: Any ideas about renting a vehicle to tow my TD?

Postby catinmoon » Mon Jul 17, 2017 12:43 pm

EZDog wrote:Like I said,Enterprise Truck Rental is a different beast than Rent a Car,I wasn't kidding.

That seems high to me but not terribly so either.
I just returned from 9 days with that big honking van from them and it was $530 a week without insurance but we ALWAYS get the full coverage which is pricey for sure but not as pricey as a new van or my high deductible either!
I had an incident 2 years ago that didn't look too bad really but would have cost a crapload to get fixed myself but with the full coverage I just handed them the keys and walked away,worth the price for sure especially since I wasn't paying it anyway!

Anyway I understand your feeling the TD should be an easy pull with many cars as well,what is your vehicle?

On the other hand there is a strong argument for it being worth the cost to not have to put several thousand towing miles on your car regardless of what it is.

my car is a 2006 subaru legacy wagon manual transmission. I'm not so worried about putting miles on it, just not sure it's up to the task after a major engine rebuild it has less power than before.

Also there is currently no hitch. it's the legacy, not outback, so rides somewhat closer to the ground.
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