A Commercial Vacuum Sealer Might Be Just What You Need

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A Commercial Vacuum Sealer Might Be Just What You Need

Postby freddylangosh » Sun Jul 26, 2020 1:36 am

Food vacuum sealers are the perfect addition to any commercial kitchen regardless of its size, and the units come in so many designs, sizes, and price ranges that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that perfectly suits your needs. If you want to know what the best commercial vacuum sealer is, you won’t have to wonder for long because below is a list of five vacuum sealers that are super high in quality and work like a charm regardless of what you plan to use them for.


1 Waring Commercial Pistol Vacuum Sealing System

If you need a vacuum sealer you can bring with you from room to room, the Waring sealer is the one you want. Priced at around $60, this very affordable professional vacuum sealer can accommodate all types of foods and is easy to handle with its lightweight pistol design. Simply hold the device in your hand and seal all of your favorite foods in no time, making the entire task a breeze every time.

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2 Ultravac 150 Chamber Vacuum Sealer

Made by UltraSource, this food sealer machine is top-notch and can accommodate everything from meats and veggies to all types of liquids such as soups and marinades. It has a stainless-steel body for longevity and is heavy-duty at 143 lbs, yet it fits neatly on your countertop without taking up too much room. Perfect for food businesses of all sizes and types, it has a chamber that is 3.75 inches deep, making it perfect for a variety of foods.

3 Weston Pro-2500

This is a great vacuum sealer that can be used for both home and commercial use, and it has earned a 5-star rating (out of a possible 5 stars) on sites such as Amazon and others. Priced at around $800, it may not be the least expensive sealer on the market, but when you’re looking for the best vacuum sealer around, this one is definitely one to consider. It weighs roughly 60 lbs yet fits perfectly on your countertop, and it is one of the most reliable machines out there.

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4 Weston 65-0501-W Professional Advantage Vacuum Sealer

If you want a professional vacuum chamber sealer but you’re on a budget, this is the one you want. Made for both personal and commercial use, this vacuum sealer made by Weston is sturdy, reliable, and very versatile. It can seal bags up to 11 inches in width and is priced at just a little over $200, making it affordable as well as efficient. If you’re a homeowner or a small business owner, this is a great vacuum sealer for your kitchen.

5 Sumeve Commercial Foot Pedal Bag-Sealing Machine

The Sumeve vacuum sealing machine is operated by a foot pedal and is perfect for all commercial-grade foods, even if you’re a food manufacturer. It is reasonably priced at around $100, and in addition to the 12-inch size, you can also choose the 16-inch and 20-inch machines if you need to. Unlike a chamber vac machine or a flat-sized sealer, this one cannot sit on your countertop, but it is a high-quality sealer that can accommodate hundreds of food types.

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