OK so I want to try my hand at a build

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OK so I want to try my hand at a build

Postby jokersloose » Fri Sep 09, 2011 9:09 am

and would like to make it my own (go figure huh? LOL)

Anyways I seem to be having a hard time finding how big the galley is, I know I can make it as big as I need how ever my TV will only tow about 1500lbs. Also I live in WY so EVERYTHING is up hill LOL. So I am thinking about 1000lb's max. So I don't want to make it too heavy or too large.

So after all of that I guess my question is this. Can I make one that is no more than a 1000lb's with a queen bed, a refrigerator that is 42 5/16" H x 23 11/16" W x 24" D. A stove/oven combo that is 25 x 21 x 16 inches. Both that run off gas, a gas bottle like the one you use on your home grill. And a 5 gal water jug. I would also like some way to have storage in the front for extra tent, fishing pools, bathroom tent deal, junk like that.

So am I setting my sites to high on this? Do I need to take of my "wants" away?

We don't want to run power. So the frig isn't something we would have to have it would just be nice. But the stove/oven and the queen bed is something the boss lady says she has to have.
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Postby wagondude » Fri Sep 09, 2011 8:21 pm

Check out the section on foamies. Some are building trailers that weigh around 600#. With some use of wood in the areas that will be heat sensitive, you should be able to meet your goal. There is also a thread with one built out of fiberglass covered cardboard that is very light. Your goal can be made, you just need to research non traditional building methodes.


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