Would this even work?

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Re: Would this even work?

Postby hugh » Fri Feb 17, 2017 11:47 pm

I no longer have it but I did build a small trailer that had an inside height of 5' 8" that was 8' long and just under 6' wide. I used 2 x 2,s for the frame and 1/4" plywood inside and out for the skin. A neighbor gave me a travel trailer door that I took apart and cut down in size and I picked up the roof of a tent trailer at an auction for $25. The trailer was glued and screwed together and it was tough. And it was also fairly heavy around 1600 lbs. Funny thing when the wife and I went camping in trailer parks a couple times with friends who have a 30 foot 5 th wheel people would stop and ask to look at my homemade. I think if you used smaller say 2 by 2,s and then sheeted it with thin plywood or foam or whatever you decide on you will find the structure gets quite strong once it,s all put together. If there is a wrecking yard you might even be able to acquire a couple windows and a door for cheap. Then learn as you go. There is a wealth of information on this site.
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