Delicious powdered drink mixes!

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Delicious powdered drink mixes!

Postby Esteban » Sun Oct 01, 2017 6:17 pm

:thumbsup: Recently I discovered how delicious, and inexpensive, some low calorie (5 to 10 calories for a 16+ oz. serving) powdered drink mixes are. True Citrus has many flavors I really like. I prefer the ones with a little sweetness like raspberry lemonade, mango orange, peach lemonade and watermelon aqua fresca. The individual packets provide plenty of flavor for 16 ounces, or more, of water. Initially I bought 10 packs of various flavors from

:thumbsup: I also bought several 24 oz. Go Active Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles from Amazon. They're great! I use them at home, in my car while traveling, and sometimes at fast food restaurants instead of buying a sugary soft drink. It's healthier and saves me a buck or two for the meal. I've also taken sealed water bottles and powdered drink mixes into concerts that don't allow outside food or beverages, where it's OK to bring in sealed water bottles. A glass of wine or beer at the concert would have been $$$!

:) Yesterday I bought more powdered drink mixes from Target: which cost than they do from Amazon. Most were about 20 cents per serving/packet for boxes of 10. Crystal Light's On The Go drink mixes are delicious too. Crystal Light Peach Mango is a new favorite.

:wine: There are even powdered margarita mixes and other cocktail flavors you can add to water that I haven't tried yet. Maybe Margaritaville Singles would pique someone like Vedette/Brian from BC Canada?

Does anyone else share this fun, healthy, affordable interest (obsession?) about powdered drink mixes?

:thinking: If you do what are your favorites?
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Re: Delicious powdered drink mixes!

Postby lrrowe » Sun Oct 01, 2017 6:46 pm

I am on the Atkins diet so I must avoid the sugar drinks and I am trying to break the Diet Coke addiction I have. I discovered Crystal Light which is helping. I must remember to use the non-cafeine ones or I am awake for half the night.

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Re: Delicious powdered drink mixes!

Postby working on it » Mon Oct 02, 2017 9:26 am

lrrowe wrote:I am on the Atkins diet so I must avoid the sugar drinks and I am trying to break the Diet Coke addiction I have. I discovered Crystal Light which is helping. I must remember to use the non-cafeine ones or I am awake for half the night.

I switched to powdered drink mixes a couple of years ago, after many years of diet Coke, then diet Pepsi addiction. Though the canned drinks were available everywhere, and I could have them without having to carry my own drinks at all times, the carbonation was getting to be a problem, so I went to non-carbonated drinks for digestive relief.
At first, I tried Crystal Light mixes, using individual packets for 16.9 oz. water bottles, then I started re-using those same bottles, making sweet tea (brewed in a Mr.Coffee) and filling the water bottles with it. Then, shortly after I retired, I found Great Value "Iced Tea with Peach" mix in one-gallon packets, and never again brewed my own.
The peach tea mix reminded me of the peach tea my Grandmother used to make, though with aspartame sweetener, not cane sugar, and I make it two gallons at a time (my daily consumption!). I carry it around like Uncle Si Robertson of Duck Dynasty. Just recently, though, I have been drinking diet A&W Root Beer in cans, because of limited storage in the travel trailer refrigerator (where I'll be living for another month, until the new house is ready). But, after a few days of the carbonated drinks, I'll taper off and switch back to the sweet tea/peach mix (due to digestive problems, again). Image

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Re: Delicious powdered drink mixes!

Postby Bill n Robi » Mon Oct 02, 2017 9:43 am

Sparking water, box wine, powdered drink mix = 60 sugar free wine coolers for under a quarter each
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