Coleman Catalytic Heater?

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Coleman Catalytic Heater?

Postby Tomterrific » Fri Jan 18, 2019 9:36 am

I'm not sure how old these are but does anyone have experience with the white gas Coleman catalytic heater? I think one of these will be nice to burn under our pop-up canopy when it is cold. There are a few on craigslist.

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Re: Coleman Catalytic Heater?

Postby logman7777 » Fri Feb 01, 2019 4:50 pm

That would be an ideal application for one.

Dont use it inside any camper unless you have some windows open due to carbon monoxide.

They are bog simple to use (fill with fuel, use the little bottle to spread an x or spiral pattern on the dome, light and enjoy! When you buy one be sure to get the little bottle that you use to spread fuel on the catalyst and the snuffer dome (silver cap with a handle when you open the top))
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Re: Coleman Catalytic Heater?

Postby slowcowboy » Fri Feb 01, 2019 8:07 pm

I use 2 at the,same time in my shop at home no big problems fill them with a funnel from the can.. tip them up side down and shake them Then set them out side to light up and take your flicker to the wet gas spot in the top and stand back!...wait 20 mins and make sure your lid isn't in the,way of the 2 feet high flames!....then wait till there's no flames showing and you just feel heat then put your lid back on and taker inside.only way a word of warning to shut the heaters off is use the special lid or snuffer cap it looks like a small stainless steel kettle lid and fits inside your normal outside lid over the wick. you have to place it over the wick and suffocate the heat source or the only other way to get the Coleman heaters to shut off is to run them out of fuel.i have only one snuffer lid and they are hard to find,..came with a mint heater my folks had in storage that they only used one time on a home stead in the early 70s.they didn't like the smell theses heaters give off in a house.but in my airy shop I got so much cracks and a grage door that doest shut down all the way so i got no I just pass my snuffer lid around between my heaters.i got about 4 of them..slow..
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Re: Coleman Catalytic Heater?

Postby Woodbutcher » Fri Feb 01, 2019 9:38 pm

I would not feel comfortable sleeping over fire. To many things can go wrong. I can see setting it inside before going to bed to warm up the inside, then off it goes when I go to sleep. When we were kids, my parents put the Coleman lantern inside our old canvas tent to warm it up before we came in to go to bed. But it was turned off and left on the picnic table till morning.
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